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Club abbreviation list

Results are entered from the first day to the last day, and in reverse division order for each day. In each division, enter the results from the bottom crew up, including the sandwich crew if it's not the bottom division. Allowable entries:

r The crew rowed over
u The crew bumped up one place.
o3 The crew overbumped up 3 places. Replace 3 with 5 or 7 if needed.
e2 The crew went up exactly 2 places. Replace 2 with the exact number gained.
t Finished that division, all remaining crews rowed over
Replace the numbers with the exact places gained. You rarely need e entries, here the numbers can be negative. For u and o results, the crew that has been bumped has a known result, and can skipped.

General format

Start with metadata, setting the name and other relevant fields. Entries are one per line, comma separated between field name and value.

The enter divisions. Each division starts with the keyword 'Division'. After this all entries can be comma separated or on different lines. Each entry is a single crew, and can be a fully spelt out word or an abbreviation. Abbreviations use the club code as listed above, followed by a number. After the keyword 'Results' we then get a result strings. These can be comma separated, or on different lines. Strings starting with a hash character are stripped out.