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The closet

This lady is having a torrid affair. She has an eight year old son who she puts in the bedroom closet when her lover visits. One day they are in the sack really getting it on when she jumps up and says "Oh, I hear my husband coming in. Quick, get in the closet."

Of course the little boy is in there, too. The boy says, "Sure is dark in here."

Lover boy says, "Sure is."

The boy says, "Would you like to buy a baseball?"

LoverBoy says "how much?"

Boy says "25.00."

Lover finds the money and buys it, knowing he was trapped.

Next week, same thing. Mom hears noise, lover goes in closet and boy says, "Dark in here."

LoverBoy says "Sure is."

Boy says " Would you like to buy a baseball glove?"

LoverBoy says, "How much?"

Boy says, "50.00."

Lover, knowing he was trapped again comes up with the money.

Next day the boy's father says, "Come on son, let's go out and play catch."

Boy says, "Can't, dad, I don't have a ball or glove."

Dad says, "What do you mean? I just bought you a new one a couple weeks ago."

Boy says, "I sold them."

Dad says, "How much did you get?"

Boy says "75.00."

Dad says, "Now son, that's not right,it's too much, I think you're lying. Come on you're going to confession."

The boy goes into the confessional, he says, "Dark in here, isn't it?"

Priest says, "Don't start that shit in here."

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