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Gates of heaven

Three men go to the gates of heaven after they die and they speak to God. God tells the three men that they will need transportation around Heaven.

The type of transportation you have depends on how faithful you were to your spouse.

So the first man walks up to God, and God asks the first man, "were you faithful to your wife?"
The first man replied, "Yes, well, I may have cheated on her once."
God asked the man, "Exactly how many times did you cheat on her?"
And the man says, "OK, I cheated on her 11 times."
So God gave the man a Buick Skylark.

Then God asked the second man the same question,and the second man answered, "I cheated on my wife 5 times."
So God gave the man a Honda Accord.

Then God asked the third man the same question.
The third man replied, " I have never cheated on my wife. I have always been completely faithful to her. " So God gave this man a beautiful convertible Mercedes, and he was the envy of the other men in his beautiful sports car.

All the other men were jealous, but they knew that they got what they deserved.

One day while on the road, the first two men saw the third man driving in his Mercedes looking very upset so they pulled up next to him and the first man asked, "What's wrong? You have a gorgeous car! You should be having the best time of all three of us."

The third man just looked down the road with his mouth wide open and said," I just passed my wife on roller skates."

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