about mcshane

My name is Tim Granger. Here are a few facts and photos from my life so far:

I lived almost all of my life before going to University in one house - this is my old room. When I was quite a lot younger, I used to look like this. We tended to spend Christmas at home, this is a picture of my and my dad at one Christmas.

We used to go on holiday including this memorable time on a beach. We went to America a couple of times as well, from the second trip I took this picture of a sunset over New York, and another picture of some of my family.

I also have been skiing quite a bit; this is a picture that sums up a bit of the appeal of this to me. When I was a bit older, I built a lego tower with Tim W, which was really cool - about 7 feet tall. People say I'm obsessed about my weight; I now provide conclusive evidence that this is not true.

I was at King's College for three years studing Computer Science; I graduated in June 1997. King's is a college in Cambridge University.

Here are some pictures from my time as an undergraduate at Kings (in rough time order):

After I graduated I started to work for the Computer Lab at Cambridge University. You can find out about some of my work related things at my lab home page. I worked for a year as a Research Assistant on the Measure Project, to do with resource allocation in operating systems. I then started a PhD in the same group in the Lab in October 1998, to do with optical networking.

I am blessed in my life to know two wonderful people called Caroline; here is a picture of the one I met more recently.