Bumps charts

One recurring interest I've had is around bumps charts, and writing computer code to draw them. I've picking this problem up several times over the years, mainly re-writing the code in whatever programming language I'm most familiar with at the time, and taking each opportunity to improve. I worked on the layout and design to compile multi-year bumps charts, and in around 2004 had one of my charts included in the Edward Tufte book Beautiful Evidence.

The latest version of this code is now hosted in Github, where I've been collaborating with John Walley to compile historical bumps records. These are all available below in the archive bumps charts. I've also added the ability to create your own, using the bumps results description text file format that I created. Let me know if you find this useful!

Archive bumps charts

Quick links to the latest charts:

Latest ChartsLast 5 resultsStatistics for all years
Lent Bumps Men | Women Men | Women
May Bumps Men | Women Men | Women
CRA Bumps Men | Women Men | Women
Torpids Men | Women Men | Women
Eights Men | Women Men | Women

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